Contact for All
“regaining contact with our fellow human beings”

What is CI?
Contact Improvisation (CI) is the communication created between two or more people through movement and dance, physical contact, the forces of physics, gravity, attentive drive, continuous flow, action - reaction and the unpredictability of the moment. The bodies co-exist as a single entity, a complex of moves that constantly evolves and reforms in space and time. Contact Improvisation was born through the kinesiological research started by Steve Paxton in the USA in cooperation with the Magnesium group which originally consisted of 13 men.

CI Crete
Based on this spontaneous interaction of the different bodies, the dance team Fysalida has included the practice «contact for all».
Through the acknowledgment of the diversity and uniqueness of each body, regardless of the prerequisite and settled data of the regularity of size, weight and power of each individual, CI invites its 'dancers' in a sincere spontaneous dancing!

Contact for All
Fysalida's «contact for all» appeals to adults (18 years and older) with physical disabilities who have little experience with movement, expression or even meditation, who wish to express themselves through the uniqueness and distinctiveness of their body, to travel freely along with other bodies and to taste the process of their personal development -physical-spiritual-mental- through the improvised kinesiological-physical research and exercise.

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