Life in Plastic is NOT Fantastic

is the new project of Fysalida Dance concerning our “over-consumption disorders”…

On the 1st of every month of 2020, the GoZen duet (Georgia Petrali + Zenia Drossou) create an eco-desktop-photo against the greedy use of plastic, for you dear friends to use as your desktop picture and to share freely via internet.

• July 2020

• June 2020

New data on planet Earth! Now officially "muzzled" for our protection and not only… Muzzled with polypropylene, ignorance, abstention, violence, fear, global confusion... They are now shutting mouths for good, just so we are saved from the pandemic and all that it may trigger...
There are decisions about nature, oxygen, carbon dioxide, natural resources, life itself...From the Amazon to Crete and from Australia to Greenland, those who "rule" shut their eyes, mouth and all of their senses in the face of the breaking reality of the planet. As they pretend to care for the needs of the human species, they continue to sacrifice nature and everything sacred in human history on the altar of money.
So modernisation and regeneration of the environment, over and over, while the majestic trees continue to stand tall! Together with some of us…

• May 2020

May is here to stay! Hooray!
Spring has come again and the daisies are struggling to survive alongside the human needs of our pandemic daily life…
Continuing with May’s quarantine "labour struggle", we insist on training our body memory! We move forward and remember… We water our soul with all senses! We dream of green fields full of brave daisies, which defy all plastic obstacles that harm the beauty of life…
We’re getting out of our houses soon!
Longing for freedom to stay, plastic to go; far away…

• April 2020

Yes, quarantine and isolation are unbearable without a good coffee! For that reason the GoZen duet continues the calendar project with month April dedicated to an ode of despair for the plastic you sacrifice for gluten free Espresso Freddo with coconut sugar, and so on….
According to Greenpeace’s research, an average of 1 million plastic cups -only for coffee!- are served in Greece daily. Do you want to be one of them? Especially now that you now know that 80% of the trash that ends up in the sea and pollutes our planet comes from plastic? Be active and the next time you are seeking for a ‘special’ coffee have your own multi usable cup.... It's not hard to get used to... And, stop making excuses!

Mr.Covid 19 loves plastic! He can last up to 72 hours on it. And as we all experience the devastating reality of this global pandemic, even more “plastic thoughts” appear to us… Right now the use of plastic has dramatically increased -for obvious medical reasons-, but our every day question remains:
Do we really need our coffee in a plastic cup? Can we still not find another solution for our drink, even now that there is such a huge, global plastic use?
Pleaseeeee, let’s reconsider!

• March 2020

The next plastic bottle you shall buy, please try to remember that plastic will never completely disappear from our lives! Unfortunately, traces of plastic will always be everywhere on this planet called Earth!
The excuse of recycling does not solve anymore the huge problem of Plastic Production. Ecology is Economy! This is the solution. So please, let’s use as less plastic as possible!
Why don’t you buy a flask (like the old good times!) in order to do something small and easy for the sake of our big home, Earth!
Unless you want to live your “beauty dream shower” in a bath filled with plastic…

• February 2020

Did you know that tones of thousands of plastics that pollute our planet are created by a handful of multinationals?
Did you know that colossal businesses continue to derive profits from the overproduction of disposable plastic, while we -the little ones- bear the brunt?
Eat your plastic! How do you feel about being the big ones’ little puppy?
Does this make you feel good? But you recycle, huh? You and I and many others... but only 9% of plastic used worldwide ends up in recycling... Recycling is a “good” excuse for the big ones to put the responsibility on the consumers…
Eat your plastic... but before this, know that:
• 1,000,000 plastic bottles are purchased worldwide every minute.
• 50% of the plastic used is disposable plastic packaging.
• 1,000,000 birds and 100,000 mammals die each year from plastic trash in the sea
• By 2050 the Mediterranean will have more plastic trash than fish.
• In our country, plastic bottles are in the 4th place of the most abundant waste on our coast.

• January 2020

Plastic and packages, and boxes and rubbish and more rubbish, and people entering stores and exiting with big bags full of unnecessary products… Products and productions… And in the end all we have become is nothing else but our eternal fear of not been able to see and feel behind the packages and the plastic wrap overs…
With so much plastic produced by us human beings, have we truly considered how we already eat it? And for those who believe that simply recycling is the answer, may we remind you that there is a huge amount of plastic on this planet that will take centuries to disappear, that in many countries plastic is not recycled anymore and that the true ecology is consuming the less possible therefore producing as little rubbish as possible.