movement+dance for parent and kid

Contact Improvisation with Georgia Petrali

Fysalida Dance -

Movement and expression are just as important for children as they are for adults. Contact parent+kid is an activity encompassing the relationship between parents and children that encapsulates movement, expression and creativity.

Through games, images and the body positions we use every day we will attempt to restore the vitality and joy to our bodies that is needed for it to move carefully, flowingly, with emotion and imagination.

We will utilise simple improvisation techniques, exercises and images that can help expand our imagination.

By exploring the relationship between parent and child, through collective movement, we seek to get to the roots of real relationships and to understand group structures in general.

Mums, dads and children come along to move around and express yourselves along with us!

Children's ages: 3-5 years old

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CONTACT _ parent + kid
'movement inside and outside'
the family
with Georgia Petrali
and Sevasti Vafiadou

CONTACT parent+kid,
11, 18, 25 of June
and 2, 9 of July 2012,
17:30 - 19:30