Geo_Move + CI with Georgia Petrali

movement - improvisation - contemporary dance - contact improvisation practice - choreography - community


basic principles-the body in space

Contemporary dance, improvisation and contact improvisation are the main sources of the practice "geo_move". Through various forms of movement and expression we discover the "movement inside and outside", bringing to our body the consciousness it needs to move with clarity, flow and feeling. We explore the spaces inside and outside our body, the different quality of each movement, starting points and paths in the spacetime. We focus on the physical forces that the trained body can produce and manage. The circular, continuous routes become the trigger for the activation of our inner pulse and "personal movement." The moods deriving from the itineraries of our kinesiological travels, as well as the relations created by the bodies that coexist around us, are the key elements and impulses for the self-observation of our psyche.